secoMUR® Damp Proof Course

secoMUR® Damp Proof Course


We have the cure.


secoMUR® is engineered with microFORMULA® technology, which achieves a deep penetration and “Cross-Link”-effect in the interior of the wall and triggers a much faster and more complete bond reaction within the pores of the wall. It is the ultimate damp proof course against rising damp. After drilling a series of holes as close as possible to the ground level, secoMUR® is injected, creating a horizontal barrier.


This unique and highly effective formula penetrates deep into the mortar and bricks layer, creating a horizontal barrier. It will grant a long lasting effect against moisture migration up the wall.


Water ingress is minimized dramatically by treating with secoMUR®. On porous building materials the water absorption will be reduced with by more than 95%. The efficiency of secoMUR® has been tested according with WTA and CSTC and it has been rated as an excellent surface treatment system.


  • Superior performance and a long lasting cure
  • Deep penetration into the substrate
  • Active barrier in all directions
  • Cost effective and affordable system
  • Quick and clean application











  • Mounted on cart
  • Weight 45 kg
  • Maximum pressure 220 bar
  • Maximum output 5 l/min
  • Electric motor 220 V
  • Power 2 HP

Create a damp proof course

Rising damp is a significant problem for homes. It exists du to the porosity of building materials. It is inefficient to treat any product on the surface as this will only hide the problem and not solve it.

Prevention of rising damp

A damp proof course prevents rising damp in the masonry. Today, the installation of aproof course prevents is strongly advised when building a house. Unfortunately, this insulation is not done systematically. Therefore, many times it needs to be installed after a house is built. Moisture can have disastrous consequences on a home: rising energy costs, deteriorating masonry, etc.

Gel or cream

For installation in an existing home, there are different methods, but only one has a long life span: high or low pressure injections. A gel is injected into pre-drilled holes along the affected wall. This waterproof gel hardens and prevents future damp problems.

The injection: modern technology to keep walls dry

Rising damp and damp walls is a common problem. People look for quick waterproofing solutions to implement, which do not cause major changes to the building, are inexpensive and sustainable solutions.

Many houses often do not have any waterproofing protection against rising damp. Paints flake, salt efflorescences appear and humidity brings up mold that is harmful to health.

If you intend to install a damp proof course, the most simple and fast technique is the injection. Water repellent gel or cream is injected into previously drilled holes in the areas concerned. The injected product will create an extremely hydrophobic surface.

Causes and consequences

Moisture is an increased risk factor for health. This can cause diseases such as rheumatism, asthma, allergies etc. In addition, the damp walls are thermal bridges that cause heat loss and consequently considerable energy costs. Moisture causes can be due to several reasons: rising damp, stormwater infiltration in permeable walls, condensation on cold walls and thermal bridges or walls with missing or faulty “side shields”. The most frequent case of visible humidity is rising damp: houses that have been built without any horizontal protection (placed between the soil and building materials). They are in direct contact with the soil and are able to absorb water. This capillary phenomenon may be accentuated by the type of terrain, the groundwater level or even by poorly ventilated basements.

Also possible in a new property

Sometimes these problems are also found in newer buildings too as a result of poorly performed works, breaking pipes or accidents. Damp masonry in your property suffers heavily: saline efflorescences, mildew, paint flaking, mold. If you do not act in time, it may affect in depth to the structure of your home.

Ask a specialist for a survey

Wet walls lead into peeling paint and wallpaper, mold etc. and create in your home an unhealthy environment without any thermal comfort. The causes of this moisture is not necessarily obvious, especially you are not a specialist. It may be due to condensation, rising damp, infiltrations (materials become permeable) or accidental causes (leaking pipes).

Professional survey is mandatory

In any of these cases, call a specialist! Meanwhile diagnosis can already improve your daily life such as installing a dehumidifier that will reduce the humidity in the room, regularly ventilate the room in your home etc. Of course this will not solve the issue. If your building is wet a major problem exists. In the case of rising damp, a water repellent gel can be injected into previously drilled holes in the affected wall. The investment in such a solution is reasonable and especially profitable because it is a sustainable solution . Furthermore, the application ist fast and clean!