superDRY® Roof Impregnation

superDRY® Roof Impregnation

A clear treatment with superDRY® improves the functionality, appearance and look of your roof. An application will create an invisible barrier against penetrating damp.


When damp and moisture penetrate through porous substrates they will be a breeding ground for green growth and dirty mold spores. This can result in decomposition  due to frost damage and lead to humidity problems. Wet materials are also ineffective at keeping heat in.


superDRY® is engineered with the newest nano technology available. It is the ultimative weather protection for slate, clay, terracotta and concrete.



The surface needs to be clean, dry and free from dirt, dust and loose elements. Evaluate if a high pressure cleaning or a cleaner is necessary prior to treatment.


Damaged roof tiles need to be repaired or replaced.


superDRY® is applied by skilled roofers with
low pressure pumps.


Water ingress can be minimized dramatically by treating with superDRY®. On a porous surfaces the water absorption will be reduced by more than 95%. This will extend its life span and protect it against weather influences like sun, rain and snow.


Biological growth and stains do not just look dirty, but can also result in flaking due to frost damage and cause major humidity problems.


superDRY® chemically bonds to the substrate up to 10 mm and is therefore extremely resistant to weathering and UV rays. A protected building material repels water and microorganisms. Particles of moss, lichen and dirt are simply washed off by rain.








Water repellent product to extend the life span of your tiles

The best way to prevent the aging process of your roof is to keep it clean and dry. superDRY® creates a self-cleaning and water repellent surface. Dirt and dust does not adhere to treated tiles.

Rain drops will wash off all the dirt and pollution without penetrating due to the deep barrier that arises after the application of superDRY®.

superDRY® is an ultimate weather protection treatment. The product has been designed for several materials, such as slate, clay, terracotta and concrete, to name a few. Treated surfaces will always keep its original color.

Due to the property of water repellence no green or dirty mold spores will grow. Your roof will not suffer any damage caused by moisture or frost.

A roof that remains wet causes its decomposition and to age very fast. superDRY® will keep it dry, grants protection during adverse weather conditions and saves energy by ensuring a very low thermal conductivity. Avoiding the growth of microorganism it will look always clean and beautiful.

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Balcony renovation: a waterproof insulation has priority

 The balcony itself is exposed to the effects of weathering and considerable temperature variations. This means that it needs to be protected, otherwise after few years the first renovation is due.

There are various reasons, why a balcony renovation should be carried out. Rain and snow bring humidity into the living space, the masonry becomes humid and mold has ideal conditions to grow. Water can ingress through the joints the subsoil suffers deterioration.

It is important before a renovation to plan accurately how water can run off from the surface to ensure it dries after raining. All joints should be sealed properly, so that no water can penetrate.

Improve your roof with superDRY®

It is important to protect any exterior building material against weathering in order to keep a good appearance and performance.

Wet roofs are thermal bridges. They allow heat flow out through. This has a negative effect on any heating bill. If water can ingress and weather is getting colder, they risk frost damages. Frozen water expands and can cause cracks. But frost damage is not even the only concern. If water penetrates, major humidity problems will arise.

superDRY® is an extremely water repellent impregnation, creates a self-cleaning surface and will protect against all weather conditions.

Prior to its application, surfaces need to be cleaned with high pressure and damaged tiles need to be replaced. Once dry, superDRY® can be applied with a low pressure pump. Only skilled experts should do this work.

superDRY® is a water based impregnation, designed with the latest technology by scientists with many years of experience.

After the treatment, dirt particles cannot find a hold and will simply be washed off with rain. superDRY® extends the life span of roofs.

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How to create a water repellent substrate

Roofs have insulating properties for your home, but only when they are dry. When they are wet, the heat will easily find its way out and have an important impact on the house owner’s heating bill. Apart from that, wet undergrounds are also breeding grounds for green growth and mold spores.

Wet tiles suffer deterioration and water penetration will cause frost damage.

superDRY® creates a water repellent surface. A treatment is recommended both for new and old roofs. The treatment can be applied directly on all mineral building materials.

superDRY® penetrates deep into to the substrate and creates an efficient resistance to all weather conditions and UV rays.

After the treatment, the surfaces are self-cleaning as dirt particles simply will be washed off with the rain.

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