proPERLA® Roof Cleaner


Moss and algae are not only unaesthetic, but can cause major damp problems. It is essential to intervene in time with a roof cleaning and an algae removal treatment to prevent deterioration of the surface and avoid possible frost damages.


proPERLA® CLEANER is suitable for the removal and cleaning of algae growth, moss, microorganisms, etc.


proPERLA® CLEANER is an exceptional concentrated solution from the latest roof cleaning technology that cleans and disinfects roofs. It is very effective and creates a clean surface, removes stains, moss and algae.proPERLA® CLEANER can be applied on all roofs for curative or preventive use.


Improve the mechanical properties and appearance of your roof.proPERLA® CLEANER is a roof cleaning system that protects multiple substrates against a premature aging and deterioration.


If roof tiles remain clean and healthy, free from all microorganisms, algae, moss and dirt, this will minimize other potential problems, such as roof damage caused by frost.


The surface to be treated needs to be dry. proPERLA® CLEANER is applied with a low pressure pump. For slightly dirty surfaces mix in a ratio of 1:50 with water. For the cleaning of very dirty surfaces the mixing ration can be reduced to 1:25. The temperature of the surface to be treated should not be below 5° C. Perform the roof cleaning only in dry weather.

Roof cleaning for professionals!

Roof cleaning to protect and enhance the mechanical properties of your roof by applying proPERLA® CLEANER. It is ideal for roof tiles, facades, floors etc. It can be used for curative or preventive manner. The treatment itself contains an anti-foaming and is very fast. The application can be carried out with a low pressure pump.

Remove moss and algae easily from your home roof

Indeed, negative temperatures and freezing can weaken the roof and create cracks in which microorganisms, moss, dirt etc. lodge. Over time your roof loses its mechanical properties and risks deterioration. If roofs remain healthy and clean this will minimize problems due to frost.

Repeat roof cleaning every 3 years

Repeat the roof cleaning of your home with proPERLA® CLEANER every 3 years. This will protect roofs against premature aging. It is a worthwhile investment for you. In addition, it is very easy to handle and to apply. It limits the regrowth of microorganisms, mosses, etc. and will easily remove lichens, algae, dirt, etc. proPERLA® CLEANER can be applied to remove all these impurities before treating your roof with a colorless water repellent or a roof coating.

You need only proPERLA® CLEANER and a low pressure pump

A roof cleaning will immediately remove from the roof of all dirt but not deteriorate building materials: roof tiles, skylights, glass, aluminum roof windows, etc. After applying proPERLA® CLEANER and thanks to its self-cleaning properties, moss, algae, dirt, lichen etc. will be lead into the gutters with rain.

A clean and moss free roof for many years

Clean your roof and remove moss from your roof tiles with proPERLA® CLEANER. Enjoy a protected, clean, damage free and protected roof surface of your home for many years.