secoTHERM® Masonry Creme

secoTHERM® Brickwork Insulation


Protect your home against moisture. Improve the thermal resistance of your exterior walls and start to lower your energy consumption by coating them with secoTHERM®.


secoTHERM® is developed to the highest standards and is the ultimate weather protection for masonry, walls and bricks.

Water und UV degradation are the two key elements in the damage of masonry surfaces. secoTHERM® is not affected by UV rays and creates a barrier against water while the exterior wall surface remains permeable to water vapor.

Preventing water ingress through exterior walls and bricks in your home with secoTHERM® Insulation Cream can reduce energy consumption. Porous building materials such as natural stone, bricks, solid brick, etc. normally have good insulating properties because they have air-filled cavities which offer low thermal conductivity.

But only when they are dry!


Water absorption can be minimized dramatically by treating with secoTHERM®. On a porous brick the water absorption will be reduced with more than 95%. secoTHERM® has been tested to EN ISO 15148:2002, demonstrating its hygrothermal performance on concrete, mortar, brick, and sandstone.

The product penetrates deeply into the substrate and offers a protection for up to 20 years.

Biological growth and stains do not just look dirty but can also result in surface decay due to frost damage and can cause major humidity problems.


secoTHERM® chemically bonds to the substrate up to 17mm and is therefore extremely resistant to weathering and UV rays.

The protected surface repels water and microorganisms, and dirt finds it difficult to adhere, any particles are simply washed away by rain or just by mild cleaning. The building remains permeable to water vapor.









If moisture collects in the pores of the wall, more heat is transferred than would be possible if the cavities were filled with air. The thermal conductivity of the wall decreases enormously with dampness.

Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall, for example, can lower insulation performance by up to 50%. This is especially pertinent where cavity wall insulation has been installed because when the insulation is wet it loses its thermal value. Many house owners don´t realize this fact.

secoTHERM™ has been testet according by Danish Technological institute for its thermal properties an has been proven in test to reduce energy consumption.

Waterproof measures for a dry masonry

A facade is considered the business card of a house, where you get the first visual impression, even before you enter it. In addition to these representative task, its mission is to protect the entire home against heat and cold, wind, rain, snow and many more. Due to that the facade needs to be adequately protected.

Overhanging roofs

Depending on the building, an efficient facade protection has to exist. An exterior coating, a cavity wall insulation and maybe an impregnation or insulation cream are used to safeguard a home effectively. A a constructive facade protection such as an overhanging roof ensures that the rain and other precipitation do not hit with full force the surface. Additionally or if structural adjustments are not possible, even a coated facade can provide external long-term and optimal protection, keeping also algae and mold away.

Insulation Cream

If the exterior facade must remains with its original appearance, the possibility exists to apply a very effective protection with an insulation cream. In this case, the hydrophobic principle takes effect. It is nothing else than an impregnation product that is applied on the  masonry. This kind of products can be applied with a brush or a roller. Once applied, the insulation cream spreads inside the masonry, hardens and is extremely water repellent. A perfect sealing is created.

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Insulation Cream: the invisible moisture protection

Most wet walls have something in common. Water absorption! If the problem is not solved in time, serious damage in building materials can not be avoided, and the living comfort is reduced, unsightly stains and salt efflorescence cause high heating costs.

Proper drainage

There are several ways to drain water. Apart from a damp proof course also a vertical insulation barrier needs to be considered. While the vertical barrier repels the absorption from the side, the horizontal barrier does the same, but from the floor. The combination of both insulation barriers contributes to an effective drainage.


In addition, it is possible to hydrophobize a wall with an insulation cream. Once applied on the masonry it will create extremely hydrophobic capabilities and make the surface extremely water repellents. Modern impregnations are designed with silicone resins or siloxanes. They are applied in dissolved form in organic solvents on the pores mineral building materials, in order to reduce dramatically water absorption.


The impregnation is a product to create a high water repellency and can be used in different ways. It can be used in injection procedures that are performed either with or without temperature increase and with or without pressure.

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