About Us

BECO TREAT ApS is Europe´s leading manufacturer of hydrophobic systems for mineral building materials. Our products are manufactured in our factories in Germany and France.

Since more than 10 years, all our systems are based on the latest technologies and designed in close collaboration with renowned chemists in our market. Therefore we are able to combine this expertise in our roof and facade coatings with high quality pigments and resins.

Our impregnations penetrate deeply into building materials and protect buildings them for many years. Of course that treated surfaces are breathable and  UV resistant. All our systems are based on water and we are proud to to contribute with environmental friendly solutions.

We have something for you...

We have a dense applicator network all over Europe and confirms every day the success of our systems. Become an official partner and take advantage of our innovative marketing and sales tools.

Do you need image brochures, door hangers or a demo bag? We offer a wide range of tools to support your sales activities. Turn your client meetings into unique experiences. Our modern sales concept ensures you an unique sales experience.