superSHINE® Gloss Impregnation

superSHINE® Gloss Impregnation

superSHINE® is a shiny, color intensifying and water repellent treatment system for bleached tiles. It has developed with an ultimate technology, makes roofs extremely water repellent and protects them against moisture ingress.


Turn your old and dirty roof tiles in a beautiful and glossy surface. Protect them against the growth of mosses, lichens, algae, etc. You will no longer risk the deterioration of your roof due to frost damages. It will be completely protected from major moisture problems. A porous roof is ineffective in terms of insulation (dry bulding materials insulate better than wet ones).


superSHINE® is a shiny water repellent that has been developed with the latest technology. It intensifies pigmentation and gives an impressive appearance to roof tiles (terra-cotta, slate, asbestos cement, cement, etc.).


superSHINE® molecules are microscopic thin an highly penetrating. They are absorbed by smaller pores and repels moisture. superSHINE® stops with immediate effect the water absorption by 100% and increases dramatically the life span of your roof . The color of your roof tiles will remain stable for many years.

superSHINE® protects substrates from aging. It gives surfaces self cleaning properties. The roof tiles will be protected against algae, mosses, lichens and microorganisms, which can lead to frost damage or cause major moisture problems. Wet tiles become less effective to keep the heat inside a property in winter.


Microorganisms and dirt will be cleaned automatically by raindrops. This will prevent frost damage and future moisture problems.